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Jul 8, 2022

If you are passionate about generating passive income and attaining financial freedom.⁠ Then, this episode is a must-listen-to. Let’s welcome our special guest, Leo Scott. 

Leo is a master facilitator of the Cashflow 101 game. For the last nine years, Leo has been hosting the longest-running cashflow meetup in Arizona. Leo ran the first official Rich Dad CASHFLOW Club when Robert and Kim were creating a franchise system. In the past, he's had the privilege to invite his group to participate in live recordings with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.
Leo currently hosts cashflow 101 and 202 games each week and takes his group to new heights of expanding their financial learning every single game so that they take away a new understanding of how to make their money grow. 

Today, Leo is absolutely crushing it in. Let’s reveal some strategies with this competitive game of CASHFLOW.  Learn what the CASHFLOW GAME teaches us and how to play it. Tune in and enjoy!

Key Takeaways:
2:40 Who is Leo Scott & what is the worth and value of Kiyosaki's Cashflow 101 game.
7:53 What are the 4 cashflow quadrants?
11:00 What does the E represent in the Cashflow Quadrant?
14:08 How do you get out of the rat race in Cashflow and it’s objective to you?
17:25 Mike and Marcus' lessons learned from playing Cashflow 101. 
19:12 A competitive game of CASHFLOW revealed and tips inside.
24:59 Why is the Cashflow game important around budgeting?
25:41 What is the goal of the CASHFLOW game? 
29:42 Where to play the CASHFLOW 101 game?
31:23 Great reasons why you need to play Cashflow 101

 If you’re inspired by Leo’s story and want to learn more about cashflow 101 and 202 games, be sure to connect with him, TODAY!