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Mar 24, 2023

Matt Faircloth, a real estate investor and founder of DeRosa Group, has identified four key roles that are necessary to build a successful multifamily real estate empire. Today’s episode here’s here to reveal their process and strategies. Tune in to the full episode and enjoy! 

2:24 Who is Matt Faircloth?

Mar 17, 2023

Offers flexibility and allows you to set your own schedule and work on your own terms is possible in real estate. In today’s episode, we are so excited to introduce to you our special guest, Sarah Weaver owns 19 units in four states. This includes nine furnished rentals—all of which she self-manages from afar.   She...

Mar 10, 2023

I'd be happy to tell you about our special guest who will be sharing her tax strategies to help you save massive amounts in taxes and keep your hard-earned money in real estate. 

Today’s guest, Amanda Han. A CPA and tax strategist who specialize in helping people use real estate.

She helps educate investors on how to...

Mar 3, 2023

John Burley is a true visionary and a role model for aspiring real estate investors. He has over 40 years of investing experience and completed more than 1,800 real estate deals. He has a unique business perspective from a Wall St. background and has the perfect mix of street-savvy knowledge and sounds...

Feb 24, 2023

On today's episode is Kaaren Hill, the CEO uDirect IRA Services, LLC, and OCREIA
Despite being in the midst of a recession and mortgage market collapse, Kaaren Hall founded and made a resounding success of uDirect IRA Services.

She shares the strategic way of her 20+ years in mortgage banking, real estate, and property...