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Dec 23, 2022

On the show, we have our special guest, Patrick Allen, our Tucson subgroup leader and we have some very exciting news on today so tune in to this episode and enjoy.

Key Takeaways: 

1:38  Introducing the first-ever book at AZREIA publishing :

2:23 Who is Patrick Allen?

 5:11 What's House Hacking?

6:32 Three different layers of house hacking

8:04 Different ways/scenarios for house hacking. 

10:56 House hacking method

16:25 Are you able to use potential income from other units of a multi-family to get approved initially? 

17:33 House Hacking book overview 

18:47 Patrick’s why house hacking? 

21:43 What are short-term and long-term rentals?

27:29 Tenant screening for short, short-median to long-term rentals.

39:03 The most awaited events at AZREIA 

41:17 The seven months of Beginners Subgroups

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