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Oct 22, 2021

In today's episode, we have our special guests, Ramon and Rodrigo Martinez "The Martinez Brothers".

Ramon Martinez used to work for people, now he teaches people how to work for themselves. Let go from corporate America, Martinez went from breeding English bulldogs just to make ends meet to running a multimillion-dollar wholesale real estate company.

Let's dive in and reveal the story behind the success of Wholesale Sharks! Things can happen fast ask the Martinez brothers. From flipping dogs to flipping millions. Hear their story!

𝐊𝐞𝐲 π“πšπ€πžπšπ°πšπ²π¬:

  • 2:05 Do you need to have a license in order to be a real

  • 2:05 Do you need to have a license in order to be a real estate investor? 

  • 2:58 Ramon Martinez’s Real Estate TRAINING & FIRST EVER DEAL with Mike Del Prete β€”  story revealed!

  • 6:02 Where did Martinez Brothers get the capital to fund their deal? 

  • 6:19 Details on Rodrigo’s first wholesale deal.

  • 9:02 Ramon let go from corporate America β€”  story revealed!

  • 10:07 Details how Martinez became one of the biggest dog sellers in Arizona.

  • 17:38 What is assigning properties?

  • 26:11 The Power of Proximity through REIA

  • 28:34 The importance of Partnership

  • 33:18 Martinez Brothers multimillion-dollar wholesale real estate company Pipeline β€” revealed!

  • 34:32 Reasons your Realtor Is your best friend you never knew you had

  • 38:34 How Martinez Team to get a consistent flow of leads to call with 30 callers - strategy revealed!

  • 41:23  Details on Martinez Upcoming events - don’t miss out!
  • Listen and learn so much more...

Connect with Martinez Brothers at:

Instagram: @wholesalesharks



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