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Oct 7, 2022

Who starts a career in real estate investment a year after the greatest housing debacle in history? Brandon Simmons did.  So, when you’re ready for the kind of help that turns brilliant real estate ideas like Zero cost marketing strategies and Creative Financing into tangible, lucrative results, listen to this episode, we have our special guest, Brandon Simmons. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • 3:26  Who is Brandon Simmons prior to real estate?
  • 4:10 Real estate goal setting: What you need to know
  • 4:41 Details on the first real estate deal with Sean Terry 
  • 5:33 From Wells Fargo to real estate investing. 
  • 9:23 Doing ringless voicemails
  • 9:59 Using Bird Dog Method to start real estate investing.
  • 12:19 10% commission leads.
  • 12:36 How does networking bring Brandon’s deals?
  • 18:54 Brandon’s first creative deal. 
  • 21:42 Why would a homeowner go the creative real estate route? 
  • 26:08 Sample creative financing strategy. 
  • 31:46 Importance of being surrounded by like-minded people and mastermind groups.
  • 36:55 Monopoly  —   it trains you to hurry up and buy properties.
  • 41:18 Introduction to creative financing
  • 42:27 The most awaited event of Brandon Simmons at AZREIA 

Meet and Learn with Brandon Simmons: 

Join the Creative Real Estate Live on the 15th of October, 2022 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm MST.

Buy Your Tickets, NOW!

ABOUT THIS EVENT:  Do more deals using Creative Financing!

- Be a professional, like a doctor, who diagnoses a seller’s situation that prescribes the best win-win solutions. Learn simple negotiating techniques and paperwork that work. With the market changing, this is the best time to use these types of strategies.This is not a class that uses complicated business calculators. But this is a class on how to use tried and true techniques to help sellers and buyers get what they want without banks, credit reports, or large down payments. You will receive the same paperwork Brandon used to close hundreds of creative deals.

Brandon will be showing you:

✅Seller Financing/Owner Financing/Seller Carrybacks

✅ Agreement for sale with Wraps and why it’s better for Sellers

✅ Leases Options & Master Leases without Options

✅ Options-the key to do more deals with almost Zero risk

✅ PLUS all of the documentation he uses for your own use

This one-time workshop is coming up quickly, and you don't want to miss it.  ACT fast and register early for a chance to connect and learn with Brandon. 

See y'all there!



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