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Sep 9, 2022

Analysis paralysis is a very old human problem. In real estate, this is often a missed opportunity for newbies. If you are one of the victims of analysis paralysis, listen to Brennon Wiersma, who broke the magic threshold of analysis paralysis and now is actually doing deals, let’s reveal how he get started. Tune in and enjoy! 

Key Takeaways: 
4:45 Door knocking experience, is it easy? Let’s find out.
8:12 Prescot Subgroup - leverage a mentor
9:48  The Combination of being willing to listen to the advice and apply it.
11:08 Strategies on Brennon’s first real estate deal.
16:30 Roadblocks as a newbie investor  - why not overthink it?
19:39 Details on first 4 real estate deals - strategies, revealed! 
23:02 Details on psycho cold calling cash buyers.
29:48  Brennon’s first failed deal and a lesson learned!
40:15 Brennan's advice for newbies