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Feb 4, 2022

No need to shop all over the place to find a decent insurance policy. Gila Insurance Group LLC (Gila)  has all you need in one place.  Today, we had a chance to speak with Derek Kartchner, who founded Gila in January of 2016. They  are an independent agent, which means they represent a number of different carriers. Unlike many of our competitors that have only one option, they are able to represent a number of carriers so that they can shop the market and find you the best coverage at the best price.  Gila Specializing in insurance for Fix & Flip investors with unique coverage options that protect both the investor and the investment. Tune in to the full episode to learn more about them. 

Key Takeaways:

  • 1:06 Get to know Gila Insurance and Derek Kartchner
  • 4:36 Vacant tenant policy — what you need to know. 
  • 6:41 Insurance for Fix and Flipper for vacant property
  • 10:28 What’s the difference between a basic to special policy.
  • 11:01 Why Real Estate Investors Should Choose Gila Insurance Group
  • 15:49 Landlord Insurance checklist  — explained!
  • 23:46 How fast Gila Insurance can get the property quoted.
  • 24:59 Gila Insurance benefits on a yearly versus monthly.
  • 28:05 Short-Term Rental Insurance 
  • 31:47 Insurance for House Flippers
  • 39:53 Connect with Gila Insurance & Derek Kartchner at (928) 248-1069  | or visit





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